The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

For Young Women Who Want to Learn to Fly

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The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) is a trust fund exceeding $5.5 million that provides significant scholarship assistance to women pilots and student pilots. The AEMSF has awarded over 980 scholarships providing more than $11 million of financial aid, helping hundreds of women achieve their aviation dreams.

Fly-Now Scholarships of up to $6,000 toward an initial pilot rating for women who are learning to fly. Since 2001 the 99s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund has been providing financial assistance to student pilot members of the organization. The initial scholarship program offered New Pilot Awards. In 2013, that program became the Fly Now Award. The amounts of awards have grown from $1,500 to the current $6,000. Since the inception of the program, the AEMSF has presented over $630,000 in awards (Fly Now and New Pilot) to 218 Student Pilot members of the 99s. Since October 2013 AEMSF has awarded over $580,000 in semiannual Fly Now Awards to 167 recipients.

Full Cost Scholarships for completing an additional pilot certificate, rating or pilot training course, including instrument, multi-engine, commercial, ATP, flight instructor, emergency maneuver training, tail wheel endorsements, and all kinds of type ratings, including jet type ratings.

Academic Scholarships for students and research in aviation-related fields.

Chapter Scholarships. Local chapters of the 99s also offer thousands of dollars of financial assistance in a wide variety of flight training scholarships.

For additional information on AEMSF scholarships:

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