The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

For Young Women Who Want to Learn to Fly

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The 2019 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship winner is 17 year old high school senior Grace Cooper from Burleson Texas.  During her junior year, she began ground school, obtained her 3rd class medical, and has 15 hours of dual instruction.  She is training in a C172 at Spinks Flight Center at Spinks Airport (KFWS) in Texas. Becoming a pilot is a big investment for a 16 year old.  She has paid for her flight training by starting a small business selling jewelry online and at local events and working part time in a restaurant. She is an honor student and is also taking classes at two local community colleges so when she graduates high school next year, she will have completed 1/3 of the coursework for her undergraduate degree in aviation. She is planning to apply to colleges with flight programs and hopes to finish her PPL before she starts college.  Pictured below is dinner speaker Brian Schiff, scholarship winner Grace Cooper, and 99s Fundraising Chair Susan Liebeler as Brian presented Grace with her scholarship and autographed copies of his father's aviation books at the 2019 99s Aviation Appreciation Dinner.

Ventura County Ninety-Nines