Ventura County Ninety-Nines 2019 Pilot Proficiency Classes - Individual Classes

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Mar 27, 2019

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"ForeFlight and iPad Basics” with Judy Phelps ($35)

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Upstairs Meeting Room of Dept of Airports at KCMA Airport, 555 Airport Way, Camarillo, CA




Wings Program Event #WP0188230

If you are new to ForeFlight or just want to start at the beginning, this class is for you.  In addition to covering iPad Basics, we will work our way through many of the basic functions that ForeFlight has to offer, including:

•  Subscription options
•  Download procedures
•  Aircraft set up
•  Basic Flight Planning
•  Filing and activating VFR flight plans
•  How to obtain a weather briefing

This will be a hands-on class so that you can follow along on your iPad and the pace will be set by those in attendance.

Bring: Fully charged iPad with ForeFlight already loaded with current the version of ForeFlight, Taxi diagrams and A/F, VFR charts for California.  There is no wireless network available in the classroom.  If you want Internet access during the class, you need to use your own cellular data plan or bring a hotspot.

Price: $35.00
  • Judy Phelps
  • Ventura County Ninety-Nines
Ventura County Ninety-Nines