Ventura County Ninety-Nines 2019 Pilot Proficiency Classes - Individual Classes

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Mar 30, 2019

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“Fatal Pilot Errors and How to Avoid Them” with Barry Schiff & Brian Schiff ($70)

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Upstairs Meeting Room of Dept of Airports at KCMA Airport, 555 Airport Way, Camarillo, CA




Wings Program Event #WP0188359

In this accident review class, the Schiffs will examine the details involved in several general aviation and airline accidents and use an open-forum discussion to uncover what went wrong and determine what could have been done differently. They will use computer simulations and accident reconstructions to enhance your understanding of what went on in the cockpit and what the pilots did leading to the accident. This thought-provoking analysis will elicit information and conclusions we can use to be safer pilots.

Price: $70.00
  • Barry Schiff
  • Brian Schiff
  • Ventura County Ninety-Nines
Ventura County Ninety-Nines