Ventura County Ninety-Nines 2019 Pilot Proficiency Classes - Individual Classes

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May 22, 2019

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"Tips on Preparing for the Instrument Practical Test" with DPE Ken Wittekiend & CFII Michael Phillips

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Upstairs Meeting Room of Dept of Airports at KCMA Airport, 555 Airport Way, Camarillo, CA




Wings Program Event #WP0191117

This seminar is designed to help instrument students understand how the FAA Instrument Practical Test is structured, evaluated and conducted so they can reduce their anxiety, improve their performance and properly prepare for the exam. Often the applicant and the instructor don’t really know how to determine when the instrument student is ready for the test. By attending this presentation, and by following a few simple steps, many common problems can be eliminated.

As the FAA implements the Airman Certification Standards to replace the Practical Test Standards, many instructors and applicants have questions about the changes. This seminar will provide a look at how to prepare from the perspective of the Examiner and the Instructor. You will learn key questions that will be asked, insights on how to structure your thinking and how to demonstrate that you have the knowledge necessary to pass the Instrument Practical.

This class is designed for instrument students preparing for the IFR Practical, instrument instructors and instrument pilots interested in refreshing their instrument knowledge.

The presenters share a passion for training pilots and offer a unique, challenging and insightful way to prepare for the Instrument Practical.

Subject areas will include:

•  Flight Planning
•  Instrument Weather Flying
•  Clearances
•  Departure Procedures
•  Enroute Procedures
•  Holding and Approach Procedures
•  Briefing Instrument Procedures
•  Airspace Review
•  Aeronautical Decision Making
•  Human Factors and More

Bring your iPad or tablet of choice, your flight planning tools of choice, FAR’s, a copy of the Airman Certification Standards and whatever materials or aviation app downloads you need to use all instrument procedures for California. If you are using ForeFlight or another flight app, bring your tablet with

•  Fully charged battery and portable charger and charging cable.
•  Latest version of flight app installed with chart data already downloaded for: California Low IFR Charts, California Airport Diagrams & California Instrument Approach Procedures, SIDS & STARS

Price: $35.00
  • Ken Wittekiend
  • Michael Phillips
  • Ventura County Ninety-Nines
Ventura County Ninety-Nines