Ventura County Ninety-Nines 2019 Pilot Proficiency Classes - Individual Classes

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Discount & Season Passes

We offer two discount pricing options for those who want to attend multiple classes:  a "Season Pass" and a "Special Season Pass" for 99s, their immediate family members, CFIs with a current FAA flight instructor certificate and full-time active military.  Each season pass includes all classes. Please purchase separate passes for each 99 immediate family member. 

Register and pay with a credit card by March 27th to take advantage of early bird registration discounts for season passes.

Flight instructors have to pay for an individual class or purchase a special discounted season pass unless they are accompanying a paying student to an individual class.  As an inducement to flight instructors to bring their students to our classes, and vice versa,  any CFI accompanying a paying student may attend that class with the student without charge. The instructor should register for the individual class as a CFI Accompanying a Paying Student and choose pay by check as a form of payment.  We will waive the CFI's registration fee at the door.  For multiple classes, the instructor can purchase the special discounted season pass. Any instructor not accompanying a paying student will be expected to pay for the individual class or a discounted season pass. 

If you have already registered and paid for individual classes, you can buy a season pass at the current season pass rate and apply the payments you have already made to the current price of a season pass.  Do this by registering for a season pass, choosing the classes you want to attend, selecting pay by check as a payment option and sending an email to  telling us you want to apply your previous payments to the price of your season pass.  You can also  pay for the additional amount owed by credit card or check at the next class you attend.

When you select a season pass you will see a schedule of all the classes.  Please check off the classes you plan to attend so we can be sure to have enough seats and handouts for everyone.

To purchase a "Season Pass" or "Special Season Pass,"  click here.






Early Bird Price

Price after Mar 27, 2019

Special Season Pass for 99s & family, CFIs with a current FAA flight instructor certificate, and full time active military.

$125 (Save $820)

$165 ($780)**

Season Pass for All Others

$235 (Save $710)**

$275 (Save $670)**


**Savings calculated on difference between the season pass and the cost of attending all classes and paying individual class fees. 



Ventura County Ninety-Nines