Ventura County Ninety-Nines 2019 Pilot Proficiency Classes - Individual Classes

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Michael Church

Michael Church, CFI, CFI-Glider, CFII, MEI, AGI, is a flight instructor with more than 14,000 hours (one hour at a time) and more than 12,000 hours dual given. He is the flight school manager at Sunrise Aviation at John Wayne Airport and a member of the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE).

Bill Frank

H. William Frank, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI. Bill’s career in flying began in the early 70s as a cadet in the Air Force Academy. Combined with a passion for teaching, Bill has been a flight instructor for the past 36 years. His teaching experience includes single and multiengine land and sea with a current emphasis on “glass cockpit” training, mountain flying for flat-landers, and weather. An interest in human factors has led to the development of programs designed to adapt crew resource management techniques to surgical safety practices at hospitals. In addition to providing recurrent flight training for pilots across the country, Bill teaches at Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Programs, Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training programs, FAAST programs and is a speaker and author of numerous articles on flying and flight safety. He is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors) and is an orthopedic surgeon.
T: 714-588-9346

Mike Jesch

Captain Mike Jesch, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, AGII, has been flying the line for 32 years (30 at a major airline). He is a Master CFI for airplanes and instruments, a FAASTeam Lead Representative, and flies a Cessna 182 based at FUL. Mike is a member of the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE). He currently flies a Boeing 737 for a major airline.

J. Alan Johnson

J. Alan Johnson, Designated Pilot Examiner, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, has been an active pilot since 1974 when he began his flight training at El Monte Airport in southern California. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a Cessna Citation type rating as well as a Gold Seal flight instructor and numerous ground instructor certificates. He has flown professionally as a Part 135 air charter pilot and corporate pilot, and remains active as a flight and ground instructor. He was chosen as the CFI of the Year in the Los Angeles FSDO in 1999. Since his first flight he has been dedicated to improving aviation safety and pilot proficiency through continuing and recurrent education. After his first flight in the clouds, he became a passionate adherent and proponent of instrument flying for general aviation. It remains his favorite type of flying. Thirteen years ago he created a unique yearly review specifically for the instrument pilots in the area. His “IFR Clinic” has educated and refreshed hundreds of pilots from all over California and the west. He has published two books on aviation topics, "The Multiengine Study Companion" and "Understanding WAAS." He has served since 2000 as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner in the Riverside FAA district and at present, in the Los Angeles FSDO district, certifying pilots for airplane single and multiengine land, flight instructor certificates and instrument ratings.

Joe Justice

Joseph Justice, DPE, ATP, CFI, CFII MEI, started teaching flying in 1988. He opened Justice Aviation at Santa Monica Airport in 1991, which operated until 2016, when the City of Santa Monica paid him to close his business in connection with the phased shut down of Santa Monica Airport. During that time he also flew for a Part 135 charter company, flying light twin engine aircraft specializing in trips to Mammoth. In 2007 he became a Designated Pilot Examiner working in the Southern California area under the supervision of the Los Angeles FSDO. Currently he is based at Camarillo Airport and works as a Designated Pilot Examiner under the supervision of the Van Nuys FSDO, and manages a few aircraft for private customers. Joe has performed flight tests from Lompoc to Edwards Airforce Base.

Clay  Phelps


CP Aviation

Clay Phelps, CFI, A&P, IA, is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). Clay holds an Airframe & Powerplant certificate with Inspection Authorization. He has held his FAA Inspector Authorization for over twenty-five years. He is the owner operator of CP Aviation, a flight school and maintenance facility in Santa Paula, CA. Besides regular maintenance on CP’s fleet of rental aircraft, Clay and his crew work on a wide variety of other airplanes and specialize in Cessna 180s and 185s, Citabrias, and Decathlons. Clay is also an accomplished pilot and flight instructor; he grew up around aviation and has much knowledge to share.

Judy Phelps

Vice President and Co-owner

CP Aviation

Judy Phelps has earned the following certificates and honors: CFI, CFII, Master CFI-Aerobatic, a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), 2011 National CFI of the Year, FAA Western Pacific Region 2010 CFI of the Year, Southwest Section Ninety-Nines 2008 Professional Woman Pilot of the Year, 2006 Woman Pilot of the Year and former chapter chair of the Ventura County Ninety-Nines. She is a past President of the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula. She is Vice President and co-owner of CP Aviation at Santa Paula Airport, where she gives fight instruction, tailwheel training, aerobatic training and emergency maneuver training. She also specializes in providing emergency maneuver and unusual attitude recovery training to the State Trooper pilots in California and Alaska. She has logged over 10,000 hours and given over 7,500 hours of dual instruction.

Michael Phillips

Aviation Instruction Simulator Training Center

Michael Phillips, CFI, CFII, MEI, ASEL, ASES, AMEL and Glider, is a six-time Master Instructor and an FAA Gold Seal Instructor with over 13,000 total hours and over 11,000 hours of dual given. He is also a charter member and a former Board member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and a certified American Bonanza Society Instructor. Prior to committing all his time to teaching he owned and managed a number of companies as diverse as gourmet food, cycling and internet marketing and web development. Michael is a seasoned teaching professional with a passion for aviation and all phases of flight instruction. He has a diverse background which provides him with the ability to work with a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds. He has been a Certified Flight Instructor since 1975. He has had an opportunity to fly and teach in several regions of the country which provides him with an understanding and appreciation for weather and challenges that other parts of the United States offer to pilots. He specializes in training in the Epic, Piper M Type aircraft (both piston and turbine), Columbia/Cessna/Corvalis aircraft, Bonanzas and other technically advanced aircraft as well as transition training for all Garmin GPS units, G1000, Avidyne, Aspen and Bendix King-equipped aircraft. He is the Managing Partner and Chief Flight Instructor at Aviation Instruction Simulator Training. He is on the teaching staff at CP Aviation where he focuses on tailwheel training at the Santa Paula Airport. He also has a passion for training new Certificated Flight Instructors and conducts a seminar at California Aeronautical University on teaching instructors how to teach.


John Ringel

John Ringel, ATP, CFI, MEI, is a captain at a major airline with over 33,000 hours of flying experience. He is type rated on the Boeing 777, Boeing 767 and 757 and is currently a Captain on 767 and 757 aircraft based in Los Angeles. Prior to flying for the airlines he flew a Navajo Chieftain ferrying passengers from KLGB to Catalina Island, San Diego, and Santa Barbara; flying air freight from LAX to Montgomery Field in San Diego; and flying Navy personnel from Montgomery Field to San Clemente Island. He also flew for a charter service at KBUR, flying cancelled checks and bank mail to cities all over California. John serves as a member of the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group, volunteers charged with overseeing the airspace over the greater Los Angeles area. The Group deals directly with the FAA, commercial operators, FBOs and flight schools with the goal of creating the safest airspace possible, and provides feedback to the FAA on proposed changes to procedures and airspace allocation. John is also an active flight instructor and parks his Cessna 182 on the ESCAP flight line at KLGB. He is a member of the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE).

Gary  Schank

Captain Gary Schank, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, is a 26-year veteran of airline flying, a CFI for airplanes and instruments, an FAA FAASTeam Representative, a practicing attorney and professional musician. He currently flies a Boeing 737 for a major airline.

Barry Schiff

Barry Schiff, ATP, CFI airplane/glider/rotorcraft/helicopter/gyroplane, CFII airplane/helicopter, MEI, AGI, IGI, holds fourteen type ratings and every flight instructor rating, He is a retired Lockheed L-1011 and Boeing 747 captain for TWA and his 28,000-plus hours of flying have been accumulated in more than 356 different types of aircraft.

He has been an FAA-designated check airman on the Boeing 767, a general aviation designated examiner and is a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE).

Barry holds five world speed records and is the recipient of a Congressional Commendation, the French Louis Blériot Air Medal, Switzerland’s Gold Proficiency Medal, an honorary doctorate in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and AOPA’s L.P. Sharples Perpetual Award. He has also been inducted into the National Flight Instructor’s Hall of Fame and was designated by the NAA as an Elder Statesman of Aviation. In January, 2012 he was inducted as a Living Legend of Aviation. He has written over 1,600 magazine articles and a dozen books about flight safety and operational procedures. His writings have earned eleven prestigious journalism awards. His popular “Proficient Pilot” monthly column in AOPA Pilot Magazine has made the skies a safer place.

Brian Schiff

Brian Schiff, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, is a captain on an Airbus 321 for a major US airline and is type-rated on the Boeing 727, 757, 767, DC-9, MD-80, Airbus 321, CL-65, LR-JET, and G-V. Schiff’s roots are deeply planted in general aviation where he has flown a wide variety of aircraft. He holds several flight instructor ratings and is recognized for his enthusiasm and ability to teach in way that simplifies complex procedures and concepts. He is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and has been actively instructing since earning his flight and ground instructor certificates in 1985. Schiff has been an FAA-designated examiner. He attended San Jose State University, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and his Master of Science Degree in Aviation Safety from the University of Central Missouri. He regularly presents seminars about aviation safety and techniques to student and professional pilots.

Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart, DPE, CFI, CFII and the 2004 National Flight Instructor of the Year, is a Master CFI, with nearly 16,000 hours of dual instruction specializing in instrument instruction, technically advanced aircraft and tailwheel operations. He is a Gold Seal Instructor and a Designated Pilot Examiner. He has presented seminars to thousands of pilots from coast to coast and border to border. His writing has appeared in Vintage Airplane, Flying, Aviation Safety Brief and SAFE - The Magazine. He is a Founding and Charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), and served as their first Executive Director. He currently serves on the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). He is the owner of Doug Stewart Flight Instruction at the Columbia County Airport (1B1) in Hudson, NY.

Ken Wittekiend

ProMark Aviation Services

Ken Wittekiend, DPE, CFI, CFII, IGI is a professional flight instructor, Designated Pilot Examiner and founder of ProMark Aviation Services, a flight training company based in Burnet, TX.

Ken is a commercial pilot with over 12,000 hours of experience in a wide variety of general aviation aircraft including Part 135 Air Charter, banner towing, air hearse and air ambulance work, along with a steady schedule of flight instructing. After a move to Houston, and a career in retail marketing and advertising, Ken joined his wife Judy’s successful retail service company.

In 2001, Ken returned to central Texas and began to develop an advanced training program to provide the additional knowledge and skill that pilots could use to improve aviation safety through continuing education. He established a flight training company to provide beginners and accomplished pilots a better way to learn the critical skills and knowledge necessary to fly safely and confidently.

Ken has been selected as a Master CFI five times since 2006. He was also named the CFI of the Year for the FAA Southwest Region in 2009 and again in 2015. The FAA selected Ken as a Designated Pilot Examiner in 2010. He conducts pilot check rides for the San Antonio FSDO and has conducted over 1,100 FAA Practical Tests in Texas and California in a variety of aircraft.

Ken flew many relief missions following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and after the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 and considers this some of the most rewarding flying he has been privileged to do. In summer of 2013, Ken flew a Super Cub from Texas to Alaska and back, covering 12,000 miles and visiting some of the last wild places on earth. Ken is a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). In 2014 he was elected to the Board of Directors of SAFE.

Ken is an instructor for the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP) of the American Bonanza Society and for the Bonanza Pilot Training Program (PBPT). Today, Ken provides a wide range of training services, working with pilots of all experience levels, with an emphasis on single pilot IFR, fundamental maneuvering skills, float plane and tailwheel training. To date, Ken has provided over 8000 hours of flight instruction including over 1700 hours of tailwheel instruction. For more information, please visit the website:

Ventura County Ninety-Nines